Earn Money Through Internet Youtube or WordPress?

Yes You can earn money through internet using youtube or using website.

Today I’m going to share which method is best to earn money through internet either Youtube or Website.

There are several methods to earn money in internet world. Most common methods are:

  • Youtube
  • Blogging
  • WordPress site

I have quoted three methods that are very common. There are other methods too. But these methods are very hard to learn and earn or some other methods are just scam.

Youtube Method

Using youtube method you can earn money but at initial level not a lot you can earn. YouTube works like third party.

You just need to create a gmail account. Then login to youtube and make your channel. Then Uploads the videos of your interest.

Youtube will show ads to your videos and on every click you are paid by youtube. But it needs a lot of work and makes less money for beginners.

Website Method

In this method you need to create a website of your interest as well other’s interest.

You can create a website using two methods:

Free Methods to create website is Blogger. It is a free google service to create a website.

Paid Method to create website:

In paid method you have to purchase a

  • Domain
  • Hosting

then you need to install wordpress on it.

Recommended Methods

I personally recommend you to create a website using a domain and hosting. By using this method you can earn a lot with less work. You just need to remain consistent.

In future post I’m going to teach you how to make a website using google blog and using your own domain and hosting

So stay connected.

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