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How to save personal data on internet?

In this procedure, we first discuss about main points which are Downloading and Uploading. Both are playing most important role to save data online.

  • Downloading:

                             A process of receiving any data from the internet is called downloading.

  • Uploading:

                    A process of sending any data on the internet is called uploading.

There are many websites to save data online. But we are discussing the Dropbox website to save data online.

What is Dropbox?

                                Dropbox is a personal storage website that is used to store data online and the ability to share the stored data.


  • First of all, open any web browser and write in the search bar and type dropbox.com or click following link.


  • Then, the Dropbox.com website will be opened.
  • After that, create an account of Dropbox.

Now, how to create E-mail account?

  • On the upper right corner of the website, the two options will be shown.
  • First option is Sign up and the second option is Download.

how to save data on internet

  • In the above picture, the black arrow identifies the Sign in option and the Yellow arrow identifies the Download option.
  • You click on the Sign up option and Sign up menu will be opened.
  • In the following picture, the black arrow shows the words which are create an account.
  • On the above picture, Below the Sign up option, you saw few words that are create an account.
  • Click on the create an account option.
  • Then, write the first name, last name, E-mail or G-mail account and Password.
  • If you don’t have an E-mail account, then you must create an account of E-mail.

Now, how to create E-mail account?

  • Open the web browser and write in the search bar Gmail.com and press the enter button.
  • Then the following site will be opened.

  • In the above picture, you click on the Use another account.Then the following menu will be opened.
  • Then you click on the create account. The following picture is shown next.

  • Then you write the first name, last name, username and
  • Then click the next After that next menu will be opened.
  • In that you write your own number and click the Next option.
  • Then Google send you six-digit code like that; G-123456. And you write six-digit code in the code bar.
  • In the following picture, the BLACK arrow identifies the area where you write the Six-digit code and the GREEN arrow identifies the verify option.

  • And click the Verify After that you provide number and e-mail to recover your account.
  • And then select your birthday and gender, and click the Next option.
  • Then select the option YES I’M IN, and click the I AGREE option, and your E-mail account is created.
  • In the following picture, the arrow shows the YES I’M IN option where you must be click.

  • After creating an account, go to the Dropbox tab and write the E-mail in the E-mail field that you created.
  • And write the password in the Password field, and check the box I agree to the Dropbox terms, and click the Sign up
  • After that three steps will be show. In first step select as an individual, In the second step select YES, and in the last step select It’s important and then click on the Get started option.
  • And then Dropbox startup page will be opened, in that site on the upper left corner you will be see Dropbox, click on the Dropbox, and then Dropbox site will be opened.
  • In the following picture, the arrow shows the Dropbox icon where you will be click.

  • Remember, E-mail and Password that you submitted in the account.
  • After that log out your Dropbox account, after logging out click the back arrow and then Download option will be display.

  • Click the download option and Dropbox downloading will be start.
  • After completion the downloading the Dropbox exe.
  • Make sure that the exe.file show in your PC hard drive where you save it.

  • In the above picture, the arrow shows the Dropbox setup.
  • Now, double click on the Dropbox setup and install it.
  • After completing the installation of Dropbox in your Computer or Laptop, before using the Dropbox, You must login Dropbox account in your computer or laptop.
  • After login, the Dropbox display is shown below.
  • In the following picture, the arrow identifies the Dropbox.

  • The data that you want to store in the Dropbox, first copying it and Paste in the Dropbox.
  • And then you may collect your data online from Dropbox anywhere in the world.

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