IBM Quantum Computer Probability Experiment Hadamard Gate

It is my first IBM Quantum Computer Probability Experiment with Hadamard Gate.

This gate uses single qubit. This gate provides us a superposition.

Following is the Source Code of my project. Written in QASM editor.

include "";
qreg q[5];
creg c[5];

h q[0];
measure q[0] -> c[0]

Following is the Visual Composer View

In First Step Enter Project Name

quantum computer experiment

Secondly Select ibmqx2 Processor. And you will prompted to visual composer.

Quantum computer experiment

Here you are provided different logic gates.

We will use measurement gate and Hadamard gate to find superposition.

Quantum computer experiment

Paste the both gate and bit 0.

Finally simulate the code.

Quantum computer experiment output

Here we find the superpositions.

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