What is Computer Science?

Computer science is the study of computers and computational systems. Application of computers is to solve problems. Information technology is the approach and application of computing technology. There would be no smartphones or modern aircrafts without computer science and information technology. Software engineering deals with the organizing and analyzing of software.

“Computer Science” is the study of both computer hardware and software. The study of computer science has many area of study like programming, artificial-intelligence and computer-graphics. Today’s computer technology is growing up day-by-day. The Term “Information Technology” is the use of any computers, storage, networking and other physical devices and for storing, retrieving, and sending information. In this we can also exchange all form of electronic data.

Uses of Computer Science

  • In daily life affairs we can use computer in many ways. Like in education we can solve the problems and programming.
  • Shopping, traveling, playing games and using social media.
  • Data base, artificial intelligence, computer graphics and networks also its use.
  • Solve problems, writing new programs.
  • Create application for mobile devices, develop websites and program software.

Uses of Information Technology

  • Traveling by air, online shopping and many more advantages make it good. It changes the way of living.
  • We can talk to each other in distant places without to go or move to that place.
  • It can change the world into global village.
  • Today man can fly to the moon, moving fast from one place to another by the help of information technology.
  • Online education, job creation, making entertainment things like video games.
  • It also has use in business application like: information-processing tasks, decision making tasks, innovations etc.
Fig  IT

By the use of these technologies man can fly to the moon, solve the problems within seconds. It can change the world into global village. These are related to each other with the slightly different from each other. No doubt it can bring the big relief or comfort to human life.  

In the study era if a student chose computer science, it will gain good result as professionally. It can give good result in any way if we can pay attention and hard work for it.

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