What is DNA Computing or Molecular Computing

What is DNA Computing?

DNA is a heredity material. DNA is a polymer (large molecules). It manage the stuffs and prospective accomplishments of a cell. It is prepared of four varieties of nucleotides to be precise d-adenine (d-AMP), d-guano sine (d-GMP), d-cytosine (d-CMP) and d-thymidine (d-TMP). These nucleotides are aggregate with an additional over and done with phosphodiester ties in unambiguous series to arrangement lengthy restraints known as polynucleotide chains.

Two nucleotide combined with each other to form dinucleotide although three connection organized to shape tri-nucleotide. Nucleotide adenine dinucleotide, truncated as NAD, is a pattern of dinucleotide. It is an essential coenzyme in a number of oxidation-reduction reactions in the cell. null.

DNA Computing

History of DNA computing

Leonard Adleman, in 1994, at the laboratory of Molecular Science, University of California, introduced DNA computing to solve a different computational problems. Adleman gave the idea to solving NP -complete problems to molecular model of logic gates and Boolean paths.  In DNA computing, computers work by the use of DNA threads. These threads used to solve the NP-complete problems and arithmetic and logic problems. The first DNA computer consist both computing and medical techniques. Adleman described there is possibility the every thread of DNA can be good or bad. Good thread gives the solution but the bad threads do not. Algorithms are failed if the good thread can be destroy or spoiled. On the other hand, the algorithms is also failed if the bad threads cannot be removed.

Need of DNA computing

DNA working out advance the distinct assets of DNA for comparable reckoning. Conservative or traditional silicon grounded computers have a restricted speed and afar a fact cannot be moderate. Info storing volume of DNA particles is much upper than the silicon chips. One cubic nanometer of DNA is adequate to store 1 bit facts. Processes on DNA computing are comparable, test tubes of DNA may contains about trillions of threads. Each process is carried out in all the threads present in the last tube comparable.

1 gram of DNA can collection an infinite volume of files such as 1-1014MB of data; the alike volume of data put in storage in CD will involve 163,000 times. DNA threads can clamp so much data in memorial and bearing compound task at once, thus unraveling decomposable problem much wider, therefore we necessity DNA computers. Corporations like IBM are pugnacious to custom DNA to make the next cohort of processor.

Operations on DNA computing

DNA is a main information storage molecule for wholly alive cells and have particular enzymes to replacement this information in DNA and transfers this information to further DNA. Silicon computers used electrical pulses to represent data but DNA computers used chemical properties to store information and transfers this data to other threads. DNA strands consist four basic (A, T, C, and G) to store data and information. In DNA computing, computation done by test tubes in DNA or a glass covered with 24K gold.

DNA computers works biochemically. Computation by these computers uses enzymes that reacts with DNA threads and makes chain reaction. Examination and progress in this part concerns concept, experimentations and presentations of DNA computing. There are various operations that can be performed on DNA computing:

  • Merge
  • Annealing
  • Melt
  • Separated by length
  • Separated by sequences
  • Amplification
  • Append
  • Detect


The division of computing is DNA computing that practices biochemistry and bimolecular hardware. DNA computing can be perceived as presence of an emerging new region of science made likely by our rapidly rising talent to regulator the molecular world. Working out with DNA specks owns an inherent attention for scholars in computers and biology.

Exploration and development in this part alarms clue, trials and demonstrations of DNA computing. DNA computation grow the typical stuff of DNA for analogous computation.  Given its huge parallelism and high-density storing, DNA -computing approaches are engaged to resolve many glitches. DNA has been discovered as an outstanding factual and vital structure chunk for building large-scale nanostructures, building single Nano-mechanical devices, and executing computations.

Molecular-scale independent programmable computers are recognized letting both input and output info to be in molecular arrangement. In this theory we will discourse about essential of DNA calculating and the benefits they suggest us in associate with the silicon computers. Alongside by this we will discourse about the dares to DNA computing.

Adleman’s Breakthrough

Adleman provide the algorithm for solving combinational and difficult problem which is NP-complete, Hamiltonian path problem. In Hamiltonian path problem (HPP), the goal is find in directed graph that stated and ended at the specified vertices of graph and only one time visit or check the every vertices of graph. This problem is impossible to solve with silicon computers, brute-force and other algorithms. The steps to solve HPP are as follows provided by Adleman:

Produce arbitrary path over the graph

That’s path started with v (in) or ended with v (out) only included

If graph have n vertices, then included paths that have only n vertices

Included those paths that enter every vertex of graph at least once

And also included message in the condition of remaining any path display “yes” otherwise display “No”

Computing with DNA

DNA computing is a branch of computing that does computation with the use of DNA threads. Its works with molecular biology .DNA threads used in DNA computing to perform computing operations. There are two types of DNA threads, instruction thread and the output data threads. The instruction thread splice with each other and output data strands used to produce input that we want. A DNA computer basically consists specific DNA strands for solving problems. DNA computing used to solve problems in which computing time increased with the size of problems. These problems may be mathematical and NP-complete problems.


Already you rubbish your silicon-based computer and start exasperating to progression words with DNA, evoke that it’ll be a while before the wet computers show up in outlets. DNA computers can’t be originate at your indigenous microchip technology store yet. The technology is still in enlargement. Bio molecular computers, prepared of DNA and other biological particles, only be present today in a limited specified labs, secluded from the systematic computer user.

DNA computer apparatuses logic gates and biochips will take years to improve into a concrete, effective DNA computer. If such a computer is ever assembled, technologists say that it will be more compact, accurate and efficient than silicon computers. The current applications of DNA chips are circumscribed to the pitch of medicine. Affymetrix Inc. break new ground the inquiries in the meadow of DNA medicine. On the other hand now many enterprises such as Motorola and Corning and the Hewlett-Packard spinoff Agilent Equipment have merged this swiftly developing equipment. Each of these pretenders is relating its developed capability to constructing its own DNA microarrays or chips.

DNA chips or assortments have been used to solve many problems in the meadow of medicine. These DNA computers can be used in solutions, such as a section of blood or in the body, and sort resolutions at the glassy of a particular cell. DNA computers could feasibly be imbedded in the body to both make a diagnosis and kill cancer cells or monitor and give diabetes by distributing insulin when obligatory. The first DNA computers are implausible to article word processing, e-mailing and solitaire programs. As a replacement for, their potent computing power will be used by domestic supervisions for exceedingly top-secret codes, or by airlines deficient to map more well-organized methods.

Reading DNA computers may also lead us to a restored appreciative of a more multifarious computer the human brain. In the future, some venture, there may be hybrid machines that use traditional silicon for normal dispensation jobs but have DNA co-processors that can take over particular and unambiguous tasks they would be more appropriate for.

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